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Advisors – see what people have to say who are currently working in various occupations
Career Information – info to help you explore your options
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select the role / job description that interests you, then press the “Search for advisors” button.


Taking a career quiz can help you explore how your interests, skills and abilities match with possible career options. This information can be used with other data you collect to help you narrow down your choices.
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Explore careers by Occupation- provides information regarding available jobs, average wage, future outlook in terms of jobs available, and education & job requirements.
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Careers in Trades provides comprehensive information regarding work in the skilled trades including over 200 career options that are available as well as other important information regarding supports available to assist you.
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Take some time to review what different jobs are all about. This link will take you to a site that reviews a long list of different jobs, with frank descriptions about each.

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Who is hiring provides insights into which occupations are most in demand across Canada. It is important to note that the provinces and territories tend to have different needs, and these sites reflect that. If you don’t see something that interests you, don’t become disheartened. As you collect information from the other websites listed you will see that there are many different opportunities available.