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Writer/Editor - Susan Fish

I’m a writer and editor with two published novels. I have operated a writing and editing company in Waterloo, Ontario called Storywell since 2012.

How did you decide which initial career to pursue?
I worked in the nonprofit sector after I didn’t get into teachers college. When I realized my favourite part of my job was writing fundraising letters (and that no one else felt that way!), I made the move to communications.

Where did you receive your education and how did you find this helped you to begin your career?
I did a degree in English at U of T and a Master degree at Wilfrid Laurier University. Both of these were helpful in developing my writing and thinking abilities.

Who provided the most support to you as you were getting started and how did you connect with this person or people?
One of the most helpful people was a man I worked with at an advertising agency on a summer job, who has been willing to be a mentor to me throughout my career.

Please briefly outline your career path beginning from when you first started out after graduating, to where you currently are in your career.
I taught at a private school for six months then worked at an advertising agency for six months. I worked for a nonprofit with university students for about three and a half years, initially as a volunteer and then paid staff. I took a job as Habitat for Humanity’s national director of communications for several years. After having children, I worked as a freelancer, with Habitat as one of my main clients. In 2012, I began my own company.

What is the best career advice you have ever received?
Low-paying or non-paying opportunities can sometimes lead to really great work experience and can take you to where you want to go.